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About Us

My name is Marcos Luchetta and I am a happily married man from Argentina. I created Gaucho because I wanted to share Argentinian culture with the world. I think that we produce a vast range of interesting and unique products that each has its own story to tell. It has been a rough journey but I believe with the support of my loving wife and family it is possible to achieve these goals.

 In reflection of our magnificent culture, we have carefully selected only the best Argentinian artisans to produce finely crafted goods that the world needs to see. Our local creatives use home-sourced materials to make some intricately worked, truly fine goods. We are passionate about maintaining a sentimental attitude that connects us to our great traditions and that helps us to craft exceptional products that are built to last. Every time you buy from us, you are buying a tiny little slice of Argentina itself.

 We are a young business that was started through the need to experiment with noble materials using traditional Argentinian methods and techniques. Hard work and resolve have gotten us this far, combined with our policy of complete honesty. This is how we started our business and how we plan to continue it. 

 As long as we are able to keep crafting, we seek to create premium quality goods that will always put the spark of enthusiasm back into our clients! Not only that, but by buying from us you are helping to contribute to the longevity of a cultural industry that might otherwise fade out. When you buy from us you buy from friendly people local to Argentina who commit wholeheartedly to the outdoor lifestyle. As the master of BBQ, feel free to test me by asking for my secret Chimichurri recipe!

 We are always excited to hear feedback and would be delighted if you would contact us with any questions or comments.