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Yerba Mate Accesories

Yerba Mate Accesories

Enhance Your Mate Ritual. Discover Accessories for Every Matero, from Beginners to Experts.

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Backpack Matera
Backpack Matera Sale priceFrom $180.00 USD
Black Yerba Mate Container and Azucarera
Brown Yerba Mate Container and Azucarera
German Silver Mate Straw
German Silver Mate Straw Sale price$59.95 USD
German Silver Mate Straw With Different Decorations
Leather Basket-Style Mate Set Bag
Leather Basket-Style Mate Set Bag Sale price$110.00 USD
Sold outMate Cup Straw
Mate Cup Straw Sale price$49.99 USD
Mate gourd set bag
Mate gourd set bag Sale priceFrom $159.00 USD
Mate Set Bag
Mate Set Bag Sale price$120.00 USD
Sold outMate Straw
Mate Straw Sale price$59.99 USD
Mate Straw with Four Personalized Initials
Sold outMate Straw with Two Personalized Initials