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Wooden Cups

Wooden Cups

Drink mate like a Gaucho. Explore our collection of authentic mate cups handmade from wood in Argentina

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Wooden Mate Cup
Wooden Mate Cup Sale price$55.00 USD
Wooden Mate Cup
Wooden Mate Cup Sale price$50.00 USD
Sold outWooden Mate Gourd Cup
Wooden Mate Gourd Cup Sale price$90.00 USD
Wooden Mate Gourd Cup
Wooden Mate Gourd Cup Sale price$90.00 USD
Wooden Mate Gourd Cup and Straw
Sold outPersonalized Imperial Mate
Personalized Imperial Mate Sale price$200.00 USD

Explore the Charm of Our Wooden Mate Cups

Experience the rich tradition of Argentina in every sip with our wooden mate cup. Meticulously handmade by skilled craftsmen in Buenos Aires, these unique wooden cups reinforce the authentic connection to their Buenos Aires origin, reflecting the love, passion, and dedication that goes into creating each one. Crafted with functionality in mind and the aesthetic, each piece tells a story of the meticulous artisanal craftsmanship behind it. Our wooden mate cups are not simply drinking vessels but a work of art articulating your sophisticated style. Savoring your favorite mate beverage in these cups lets you discover and appreciate the full flavors more profoundly. The cup's mate cup wood is celebrated for its natural qualities. Every cup reflects nature's beauty, from its tactile warmth to its beautiful grains that impart a sense of rustic charm. It exudes an organic, earthly feel that plastic or metal cups cannot offer. Enjoying mate in a wooden cup enhances the mate flavor, giving every sip a robust and unique character that only wooden cups could yield, making it essential for mate connoisseurs.

The Warmth of Wood in Every Sip

Savor the rich flavors of your favorite beverage with our wooden cup mate. Each cup is a unique reflection of the natural beauty of wood, bearing a distinct authenticity that sets it apart as a unique art piece. The crafted contours of the wooden cup mate fit comfortably in your hand, allowing you to appreciate the tactile warmth of natural wood, a feature that no other cup material can offer. The wood's natural grain is showcased in all its glory in each cup, creating textures and hues that make each one a one-of-a-kind piece. This rustic charm adds a touch of elegance to your drinking experience, making each sip as visually delightful as it is flavorful. Feel the warmth of wood in your hands as you savor your mate, and let the visual appeal of the cup's organic design enhance your appreciation for the beverage. Our wooden cup mates make every sip a sensory experience with their rich, organic look and comforting warmth. Choose one today, and discover for yourself the singular pleasure of enjoying mate in a cup that's not only a vessel for your drink but a unique art piece in its own right.

Elegance in Every Design

Experience the time-honored tradition of the mate cup wood with our exquisite collection of wooden cups. Each wooden mate cup is created with a finesse that speaks volumes about the elegance in every design. Our selection is a rich tapestry of style and variety, embodying a unique blend of traditional carving techniques and contemporary layout mastered over many years. Every elegant design of the wooden cups has been carefully chosen to represent the epitome of sophistication and charm. At the heart of this collection is the distinct feel that each mate cup wood brings to you, a visual and tactile feast that enhances each sip. The wooden mate cup never fails to communicate a comforting warmth while also serving as a statement piece that adds an organic touch to your lifestyle. Handcrafted with immense patience and skill, these wooden cups are much more than just vessels; they are unique narratives of craftsmanship waiting to be held and admired. The style and variety offered within this collection ensure there’s a match for everyone's taste and décor preferences. From the light, streamlined designs, perfect for the minimalist home, to the ornately carved ones, best for those with a taste for the flamboyant — every cup adds its own unique touch. Discover the elegantly etched patterns, the intricate engravings, and the polished, smooth finishes that make each wooden mate cup special. Explore the style and variety of our comprehensive collection, where elegance meets everyday use and tradition finds its way into modernity.

Eco-friendly Choice for Mate Lovers

Choosing a yerba mate wooden cup for your daily mate rituals can enhance your mate experience and serve as an eco-friendly and sustainable choice in your lifestyle. Mate lovers embrace the tradition and sustainability of a wooden cup mate, cultivating both a personal and environmental connection. Unlike plastic or metal, wood is a renewable resource that contributes to the sustainability of our planet. Opting for a yerba mate wooden cup not only reduces harmful waste and contributes to a more sustainable choice, but it also carries the aroma and taste of yerba mate in a way that no other cup can replicate. Moreover, the wood used in these cups typically comes from managed forestry, making it an even more eco-friendly product. So, every time you sip on your mate from your wooden cup, you'd be conscious about saving our earth.