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Iron Crosses

Iron Crosses

Grill like a gaucho with an authentic Argentinean Cross, the masters of slow cooking.



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Argentinian Iron Cross
Argentinian Iron Cross Sale priceFrom $400.00 USD
Heavy duty Iron Cross Argentinian asador grill Made in Argentina
Argentine Small Iron Grill Set Asado
Argentine Small Iron Grill Set Asado Sale priceFrom $600.00 USD
Argentine Medium Iron Grill Set Asado
Argentine Medium Iron Grill Set Asado Sale priceFrom $800.00 USD

Transform your grilling adventures with our exclusive Iron Cross Grill Sets, meticulously crafted for those who cherish the art of cooking large cuts of meat with indirect fire. Born in Argentina, a country celebrated for its exceptional meats and grilling traditions, these iron crosses embody the essence of Argentine culinary heritage. They are not merely cooking tools but an investment in a superior grilling journey. Their distinct advantage lies in their ability to cook big pieces of meat, such as a whole pig or lamb, evenly and to perfection. This is achieved through their robust design, which ensures even heat distribution for a thorough and delicious cooking process. For instance, grilling a whole pig can take approximately 4-5 hours, showcasing the efficiency and effectiveness of these grill sets. Our featured products in this category include:

  • Small Argentine Iron Cross: Perfect for intimate gatherings and family meals, this size is ideal for grilling smaller portions of meat, such as a whole chicken or a small rack of beef ribs. It promises to elevate the taste of your grilled dishes, making it a popular choice among our clientele.
  • Medium Argentine Iron Cross: A versatile option that meets all your grilling demands. This size can cook a 26-pound whole pig or lamb, making it perfect for any event you aim to impress with unparalleled taste and quality.
  • Large Argentine Iron Cross: Designed for those looking to grill larger portions, this size can accommodate a whole rack of beef ribs or a bigger pig or lamb. It ensures your culinary creations cater to every appetite with the rich, smoky flavors of traditional Argentine grilling.

Incorporating the traditional “salmuera” technique, a mix of boiled water, salt, garlic, and herbs, these grill sets allow for the meat to stay hydrated over the long cooking process. Additionally, the choice of wood plays a critical role in the authentic Argentine grilling experience. While espinillo or quebracho are traditionally used, any hardwood will suffice, adding another layer of flavor to your culinary creations. Our Iron Cross Grill Sets blend durability, style, and functionality, transforming each grilling session into an extraordinary culinary adventure.

The Durability of Iron Cross Grill Guards

Experience the unmatched strength and longevity of the Iron Cross Grill Guard with our outstanding range of Iron Crosses. Recognized as a symbol of durability, these grill guards are meticulously engineered to withstand extreme conditions. Every iron cross grill guard adheres to rigorous quality checks, ensuring its robust construction and resilience. Made with high-grade materials in Argentina, the birthplace of premium grilling, these grill guards are capable of handling heavy-duty cooking and grilling, making them unique. Whether you are into regular family grilling or professional barbecue competitions, the Heavy-duty Iron Cross guarantees an efficient, long-lasting performance. The thick, sturdy iron utilized to manufacture these grill guards defies dents and damages, promising many years of grilling delight. Iron Cross grills are specially designed to cook large cuts of meat using indirect fire, ensuring a unique culinary experience. Infused with the rich tradition of Argentinian craftsmanship and grilling expertise, each Iron Cross Grill excels in retaining and evenly dispersing heat. Their robust construction and heavy-duty design render these grills nearly indestructible, making them an invaluable addition to any grilling enthusiast. Embrace the advantage of resilience and durability wrapped in style with our Iron Crosses.

Authentic Argentinian BBQ Experience with Iron Cross

Unlock a world of culinary exploration with the Iron Cross Argentinian grill. It is more than just a cooking device; it's a gateway to an authentic Argentinian BBQ experience. This traditional technique of grilling, often known as an Iron Cross BBQ, allows you to take charge of your outdoor cooking experience by undoing the usual constraints and offering a broader array of possibilities. The bold grandeur of an Iron Cross Argentinian grill empowers the chef to manage heat and timing directly, creating a cooking spectacle that matches the boldness of their flavorful dishes. It's a transformative experience that invites a new level of interaction and enjoyment into your grilling routine. As the spices sizzle, you're not just grilling; you're engaging in an Argentinian tradition that goes back centuries, cooking the flank steak with indirect fire to perfection. This method, distinct from searing, allows for a more even cook, embodying a culinary practice deeply rooted in history. While it takes a bit of practice, the payoff of using an Iron Cross BBQ is immeasurable. From the succulent Asados to the richly flavored matambres, carefully prepared through time-honored methods, your dishes will transport you and your guests straight to the heart of Argentina. So break the conventional chains of typical backyard grilling and ignite your outdoor cooking with the power of the Iron Cross Argentinian BBQ experience.

Choose the Right Size for Your Cookout Needs

Choosing the right size for your cookout needs can make a world of difference when it comes to grilling masterpieces. Our range of iron crosses provides flexibility with a vast selection of sizes. Each size has its own unique advantages. The smaller set is perfect for intimate gatherings, handsomely handling a few choice cuts of meat while providing a sought-after, even, and thorough grilling experience. The selection of an iron cross should be guided by the size and type of meat you intend to cook. A medium or large cross is ideal for whole pigs or lambs, ensuring you can accommodate larger gatherings with those irresistible flame-kissed flavors. A small cross suffices for smaller fare such as chickens or a rack of ribs. Thus, when choosing your iron cross, consider the scale of your event and the specific culinary delights you aim to create. Opting wisely ensures a memorable and flavorful experience for all.