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Heavy duty Iron Cross Argentinian asador grill Made in Argentina

Sale price$470.00 USD

Hand Made in Buenos Aires

Quick to Set Up

Gaucholife Grill Heavy duty Iron Cross Argentinian asador grill Made in Argentina
Heavy duty Iron Cross Argentinian asador grill Made in Argentina Sale price$470.00 USD

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Authentic Argentinian Cooking Experience

Discover the traditional art of Argentinian grilling with the Heavy Duty Iron Cross Argentinian Asador Grill. This robust grill is designed for the passionate griller and culinary enthusiast, bringing the authentic Argentinian Asado experience right to your backyard. Whether you're hosting a large gathering or simply indulging in a family cookout, this grill promises an unforgettable outdoor cooking adventure.

Robust Design and Construction

Crafted for durability and strength, the grill features a heavy-duty 43.3-inch central bar with a 2mm wall thickness, ensuring stability and longevity. The two 23.6 inches arms provide ample space for grilling large cuts of meat, including whole lamb, pig, fish, or chicken. Made entirely of iron, this asador is built to withstand the heat and rigor of frequent outdoor cooking, guaranteeing years of reliable service.

Advanced Cooking Features

What sets this grill apart is its advanced cooking capabilities. The 360-degree rotation system of the pole allows for even cooking, ensuring that every part of your meat is perfectly grilled. Additionally, the adjustable base with seven inclination levels enables precise temperature control, a critical factor in achieving that perfect char and flavor unique to Argentinian Asado.

Versatile and User-Friendly

Beyond its robust build and advanced features, the grill is also incredibly user-friendly. The four adjustable hooks make it easy to secure and maneuver different sizes and cuts of meat. This versatility means that whether you're a seasoned asador or a beginner at Argentinian grilling, you'll find this grill both easy and enjoyable to use.

Your Gateway to Gaucho Grilling

Embrace the spirit of the Gaucho with this Heavy Duty Iron Cross Argentinian Asador Grill. Perfect for outdoor enthusiasts and culinary adventurers alike, it serves as a cooking tool and a centerpiece for social gatherings. Invite friends and family to gather around the fire, share stories, and enjoy the delicious, smoky flavors that only an authentic Argentinian Asador can provide. This isn't just a grill; it's a ticket to a rich culinary tradition, offering a unique and interactive dining experience. Start your journey into the heart of Argentinian cuisine today and savor the flavors that have been cherished for generations.