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Set asado parrilla argentina Grill + Brazier

Sale price$400.00 USD Regular price$450.00 USD



Quick to Set Up

Heavy Duty Construction

Hand Made in Buenos Aires

Gaucholife Grill Set 2 Set asado parrilla argentina Grill + Brazier
Set asado parrilla argentina Grill + Brazier Sale price$400.00 USD Regular price$450.00 USD

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Everett Roberts
Excellent product.

Excellent product with superb customer service and rapid shipping all the way from Argentina! The parilla and brasero appear to be solidly constructed and come with helpful care instructions to keep them in good shape. Very grateful to Gaucholife for making it so easy to bring a wonderful piece of Argentina to the United States!

Vira Koelpin
Beautiful and solid.

Beautiful and solid

Tina Donnelly
So awesome i absolutely love these pieces.

so awesome i absolutely love these pieces

Peter Lindgren
Item is 1st class.

Item is 1st class.

Experience Authentic Argentine Grilling with a Handcrafted Iron Brasero

Immerse yourself in the rich culinary tradition of Argentine grilling with the handcrafted IRON GRILL ASADO BRASERO PARRILLA. Each brasero parrilla is forged in the heart of Buenos Aires, where artisans shape heavy-duty iron construction into durable, high-quality grilling companions. The authentic design of this Argentine grill pays homage to the storied asado culture, offering a robust platform to savor the flavors that have been cherished across generations. Experience the difference a handcrafted brasero parrilla makes in your outdoor cooking endeavors, and let the enduring materials enhance every smoky bite.

Versatile Fuel Options for Perfectly Grilled Delicacies

Unlock the secrets of traditional Argentine flavors with the ARGENTINE IRON GRILL ASADO BRASERO PARRILLA. Boasting the FLEXIBILITY to use CHARCOAL OR WOOD FUEL, this IRON GRILL BRAZIER lets you tailor your cooking experience to match the desired smokiness and intensity, enhancing the CONVENIENCE of your grilling sessions. Whether you prefer the quick-heating properties of charcoal or the aromatic long-burn of wood, this brazier accommodates all your needs. Employing a simple shovel, you can deftly manage the embers, ensuring each dish receives the perfect amount of heat for that mouth-watering, delectably grilled finish.

Optimize Your Asado with a Size to Fit Every Need

Our ARGENTINE IRON GRILL ASADO BRASERO PARRILLA caters to every occasion with a range of sizes. The SMALL size is ideal for intimate grilling, while the MEDIUM expands your GRILLING CAPACITY. The LARGE BRAZIER shines in WOOD BURNING and sizable feasts, ensuring everyone at your gathering savors the smokey delights. GRILL SIZE DIMENSIONS accommodate any event, making your asado the talk of the town.