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Argentine iron griddle, Plancha for asados

Sale price$200.00 USD



Gaucholife Grill Large Argentine iron griddle, Plancha for asados
Argentine iron griddle, Plancha for asados Sale price$200.00 USD

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Curtis Winter

Great quality and got to America in just a couple weeks!

Karen Bolduc (Boston, US)
Good solid Plancha

I am basically happy with my new Extra Large Plancha from Gaucholife . It was shipped from Argentina to me here in Maine USA well packaged and via FedEx so it was fairly quick considering the distance. I have been learning more about fire cooking and this was the only authentic Argentinian-style Plancha I could find for sale on the internet. The griddle surface is well made and sturdy and beautiful. The legs leave a little something to be desired: I wish they were just a bit beefier in both girth and perhaps a few more inches of length. The girth of the legs doesn't feel particularly well matched to the heft of the griddle plate - slightly wimpy. They screw into nuts that are welded to the bottom of the plate, and one of the nuts on mine was slightly cockeyed so once screwed in the leg wasn't totally straight. It still functioned fine though, and in the first use I seasoned with lard over an open flame and had good success cooking some bacon on it after that. One thing I would suggest is finding a way to make the legs adjustable to accommodate slightly uneven ground out-of-doors where the plancha gets set up - perhaps a threaded sleeve of 3-6" long, instead of the shallow nut, so that the leg can get screwed in as far as you need to accommodate the terrain. Overall I am pleased, and I look forward to many more years of open fire cooking with it. Thank you!

Ryan (Washington, US)
High Quality and Versatile Piece

This was EXACTLY what I was hoping for. Purchased the XL version, and successfully roasted hundreds of oysters for large outdoor gathering in batches of about 50 at a time. It was the hit of the party, and many asked where they could also get one. Used again the next morning for a big breakfast. Temperature was surprisingly easy to regulate, and everything cooked very well. Couldn't be more pleased. Shipping was also prompt.

Sarah Klein
I'd been looking for a plancha type hotpla...

I'd been looking for a plancha type hotplate for a few weeks from somewhere in the uk. . . .Unfortunately to no avail! Came across Gaucholife accidentally and am so glad I did. As I was looking for something quite specific Gaucholife agreed to customise one of their regular products. Whilst I've yet to use the plancha I can see it's been extremely well made and can't wait for our next open fire bbq. Communication has been brilliant all the way through the process from discussing my specifications to a concern I had regarding delivery.

Alonso Grady
I've twice purchased from this seller.

I've twice purchased from this seller. This seller is completely reliable and quality is excellent. My last purchase arrived one day earlier. Prices are extremely competitive, like buying at any tourist oriented shop in Buenos Aire, but you saved yourself the trip¦ still, everyone should go to BA. Anyway, go ahead, buy with confidence.


Grilling aficionados understand the nuances that differentiate an ordinary grilling session from an authentic asados grill experience. This distinction often lies in the unique tools we use. The plancha, a cornerstone of Argentine grill culture, exemplifies this authenticity.


Our plancha grill outdoor is meticulously designed using premium iron. This not only provides a robust and durable grilling surface but also ensures even heat distribution, essential for achieving that perfect sear. Whether you’re cooking meat, vegetables, or delicate fish, our plancha guarantees an optimal grilling environment.


When it's time to elevate the outdoor cooking experience, the outdoor plancha grill is your answer. The design is sleek space-conscious, and with removable legs, it's perfectly tailored to fit different grilling setups. Moreover, its two handles make transportation a breeze, making it the ideal companion for picnics, beach outings, and camping trips.


For those unfamiliar with the term, plancha asar refers to the act of grilling on a flat surface. In the heart of Argentina, asados is not just a method of cooking but a cherished tradition. By integrating our asados grill into your cooking repertoire, you are not only adopting a new technique but also embracing a rich culinary culture.

Our plancha comes in various sizes to cater to individual needs – from small, intimate gatherings to large festive barbecues. Whether it’s Small, Medium, Large, or XLarge, choose the one that suits your requirements and set forth on an unparalleled grilling journey.

Our Argentine Iron Griddle Plancha is more than just a tool; it’s a testament to the age-old tradition of grilling. Dive deep into the world of plancha grill outdoor and embrace the authentic flavors and techniques of Argentine grilling. Whether you're a seasoned griller or a newbie, the plancha promises an experience like no other. Indulge and let the flames guide you.