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Grill Set with Santa Maria Grill and Brazier

Sale price$630.00 USD Regular price$700.00 USD



Hand Made in Buenos Aires

Quick to Set Up & Clean

Gaucholife Grill Set with Santa Maria Grill and Brazier
Grill Set with Santa Maria Grill and Brazier Sale price$630.00 USD Regular price$700.00 USD

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
WILLIAM KALASKIE (Colorado Springs, US)
Like the Grill

When I was stationed at Vandenberg AFB (now, SFB), we saw a lot of these grills throughout the central coast. I always said I was gonna get one. I installed the one sent to me and though I only used it once, I am pleased with its operation. The only negative is the grill cover provided. It is sooooo lightweight, it ended up in our neighbor's yard--numerous times--when our winds picked up. It's really useless as a grill cover once we have winds coming off the mountains here in Colorado Springs. I'll be purchasing another grill cover from another source. But, the grill works as advertised! Happy with it.

Eugene Theron (Aptos, US)
LOVE my new Santa Maria Grill and Brazier from Gaucholife Argentina!!

This grill is well made and super easy to operate. The folks at Gaucholife were easy to deal with and made the grill upon receiving my order and promptly shipped it to me in California. Just the way they said they would in the product description. I've been using the grill and love it. Simple, efficient, good quality and great price.

excellent work

excellent work, super service, fast delivery

Great work

Fired the parrilla up last night and it was everything I hoped for. Solid piece of kit. Will be back for an apron and other bbq tools very soon. Great work Gaucholife!

Totally recommended!

It came really well packed. The quality is nice, it goes up and down smoothly! I am really happy with my purchase! Communication was great as well! Totally recommended!

Experience the Authentic Argentine Asado with Our Grill Set

Discover the true essence of Argentine grilling with the Grill Set with Santa Maria Grill and Brazier, exclusively at This premium set is not just a cooking tool; it's an embodiment of the rich traditions of Argentine asado. Renowned for imparting deep, smoky flavors and unique cooking techniques, Argentine grilling is an art form in itself. Our grill set invites you to immerse yourself in this cultural experience, offering the perfect blend of traditional methods and modern craftsmanship.

Crafted for the Aspiring Asador

Our meticulously designed grill set, featuring both a medium and large Santa Maria Grill along with a robust Brazier, caters to all grilling enthusiasts. Whether you're just starting on your journey as an Asador (grill master) or have years of experience, this set is engineered to meet diverse grilling demands. The grills' 100% iron construction is about lasting durability and ensures superior heat distribution. This quality is essential for cooking meat evenly and achieving that perfect sear.

Innovative Design for Optimal Grilling

The Santa Maria Grill in our set boasts an innovative elevation system made with heavy-duty 2mm thickness wall tubes. This unique feature allows for precise control of the cooking temperature, which is essential for grilling meats to perfection. The design also includes removable sections in the grilling area, greatly simplifying the cleanup process. Moreover, including AISI 316 stainless steel rope in the lifting system adds a layer of sophistication and longevity, ensuring that your grilling experience is enjoyable and hassle-free.

Perfect for Various Cooking Styles

Our large Brazier is a standout feature, offering the flexibility to use either charcoal or wood. This versatility is crucial for those who enjoy experimenting with different grilling techniques. The ability to switch between fuels allows you to impart distinct flavors into your food, capturing the authentic taste that only open fire can provide. Whether it's a slow-cooked brisket or a perfectly seared steak, our grill set allows you to explore myriad recipes and styles.

Bringing Argentine Tradition to Your Backyard

Our Grill Set with Santa Maria Grill and Brazier is more than just a cooking apparatus; it's a celebration of the Argentine grilling tradition. Inspired by the centuries-old techniques of the Argentine gauchos, this grill set is designed to bring the authentic Asado experience right into your backyard. Whether it's for a family gathering, a festive occasion, or simply the love of grilling, our set promises to be the centerpiece of your outdoor culinary adventures.

Embrace the spirit of the Argentine pampas and transform your grilling into an art with our Grill Set. Your journey into the world of traditional Argentine asado starts here.