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Provoleta cheese, the best grill companion

Argentines master the grill. Their barbecues or 'asados' are legendary and go back to the earliest cowboys or 'gauchos' cooking fests with the very same premium cattle they bred in the South American plains. Cooking with fire is deeply entwined with Argentine culture, and now it’s a synonym of good times with friends and family.  This is not just throwing meat over burning embers; it’s an art form composed of many elements. Short ribs (asado de tira), NY strips (bife de chorizo), tri-tip steaks (cuadril), skirt steaks (entraña), and sweetbreads (mollejas) are only a few of the country’s specialties. Sausages and offal are also fundamental. Bread and sauces like chimichurri round up the ‘asado’ experience, but there’s an element that takes...

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The Perfect Wine for an Authentic Argentine Asado

The Argentines love their meat, but they also cherish their wine. It comes as no surprise that the country excels in both categories, some of the best beef and wine come from Argentina, and they’re amazing together. Grilling is about community, about sharing the evening with friends and family in the backyard, and a good drink is fundamental to loosen everyone up. Beer and cocktails are OK, but wine takes the grilling experience to another level.  For Argentines, wine is not reserved for fancy dinner parties on clothed tables; wine is as laid back as a few steaks sizzling over the flame.  The secret is choosing the right wine, and we’re here to help. These are the perfect wines for...

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Choripan, the Argentine Icon

Choripan, from the Countryside to the Soccer Stadium, the Argentine Icon Argentina is a vast country. It runs 880 miles from north to south, and despite the Andes foothills to the west and the Atlantic coast to the east, an enormous part of the territory is plains and prairies; the famous "pampas." It comes as no surprise that the arid landscape became ideal to breed cattle, which is why the Argentine grilling game is up there with the best in the world. Amongst all the premium meat that makes the Argentine 'Asado,' there's one specialty found nowhere else, the choripan. Choripan is a 'Chorizo' sausage laid butterfly-style inside a bun and often seasoned with the gorgeous chimichurri oil-based sauce. Beauty...

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Up Your Grilling Game with an Outdoor Grilling Cross

There’s grilling, and then there’s grilling. From cooking on a stove-top grill to roasting meat over a wild open fire, there are many ways of making smoky, tender and aromatic grilled beef, chicken, pork and fish.  If you’re reading this, chances are you’re part of the tribe. For you (and us), there’s no better way of cooking meat than kissing it with fire, whether it’s over burning embers or infused with smoke, cooked over hardwood or a steaming grill; fire makes food better. There might be many ways to cook with fire, but the grilling iron cross is, without a doubt, the most dramatic, exciting, and satisfying method out there, so let’s take a closer look at it.   The grilling...

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Argentine Grilling, All You Need to Know about Sweetbreads.

The Argentine asado, the celebration that goes on every time someone lights up the grill, is one of the most entertaining feasts a meat lover could find.   Argentines know a thing or two about meat, their free-roaming cattle is prized worldwide, and with fine animals like these, everything is exquisite, and not just it’s meat.  This is the story of sweetbreads, a somewhat controversial “alternative” meat that you just have to try. We’re sure you’re quite fond of steaks, but once you try tender, meaty sweetbreads, you’ll think of grilling in a whole different way. What are sweetbreads anyway? Sweetbreads are thymus glands that serve a vital purpose on all mammals; they’re a central part of our immune systems. As...

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