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How to make Tereré, perfect summer drink - Gaucho Life

 The perfect drink for summer  Ingredients: -Yerba mate Tea -Juice -Mate Cup -Bombilla (Mate straw) Steps: 1) Prepare your juice. 2) Put the yerba in the mate cup approximately halfway. 3) Cover with the palm of your hand and shake it. 4) Put your bombilla. 5)Add your juice in the mate cup. Let it sit for a few minutes. 6)You can add some ice cubes and voila! Your tereré is ready! Enjoy! 

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Mate vs. Matcha; Which tea is best for you?

Both are healthy but...             ... there are a few key details that may make you want to opt for one tea over the other. To be as clear as possible, both these types of tea are exquisite and beneficial to our bodies, minds and spirits as can be, but for the discerning among us, we will compare and contrast these two like there's no tomorrow! Some of the key differences includes the amino acids and compounds each one has to offer as well as how they are prepared and enjoyed, among other cool and nuanced traits.  The origins              Matcha has its start in Medieval China. The tradition started when tea drinkers would break and crack their tea leaves,...

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Benefits of Yerba Mate, For you and the environment

Yerba mate for you!            Looking for a new drink that can work miracles on your mind, body, spirit and the environment? Well deep in South America we can find that special beverage! One that will change the way you energize. Morning, noon or even night! Yerba mate is on the menu, and it has a whole party of benefits. And while yerba mate can certainly give you a bit of a wakeup call, that is actually just one of many reasons to brew up some yerba mate and pick out your fanciest bombilla! Benefits for you            So yerba mate is ready to provide some really excellent health benefits for our bodies. Some of which...

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