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What accessories are needed to properly prepare Yerba Mate?

The Art of Preparing Yerba Mate The art of preparing yerba mate is steeped in tradition, and an experienced palate can truly appreciate the difference when it is done right. The ritual begins with ...

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How to start your adventure with Yerba Mate?

Embarking on Your Yerba Mate Adventure Embarking on your Yerba Mate adventure promises an enthralling dive into a rich cultural tapestry. Originating from South America, Yerba Mate isn't just a bev...

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Is Choosing a Yerba Mate Cup Important?

The journey through the rich tapestry of yerba mate culture is not only about relishing the herbal concoction but also embracing the fullness of the experience it offers. This traditional brew, dee...

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Embrace the Beauty of German Silver Decor and Natural Fiber Blankets

As we continue to elevate our interior decor, using natural and eco-friendly materials has become increasingly popular. German silver decor and natural fiber blankets have proven to be great additi...

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How to make Tereré, perfect summer drink - Gaucho Life

 The perfect drink for summer - Yerba Mate Summer Drink Ingredients: -Yerba mate Tea -Juice -Mate Cup -Bombilla (Mate straw) Steps: 1) Prepare your juice. 2) Put the yerba in the mate cup a...

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Mate vs. Matcha; Which tea is best for you?

Both are healthy but... ... there are a few key details that may make you want to opt for one tea over the other. To be as clear as possible, both these types of tea are exquisite and beneficial to...

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Benefits of Yerba Mate, For you and the environment

Yerba mate for you!            Looking for a new drink that can work miracles on your mind, body, spirit and the environment? Well deep in South America we can find that special beverage! One tha...

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How to prepare your mate

Prepare the perfect Argentine mate

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Cleaning the drinking straw

How to clean your straw quickly and efficiently.

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Mate set Bag

We have the ideal products for you to transport your mate gourd and prepare it anywhere you want, without carrying a thousand things around.

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