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How to Grill the Perfect Steak, Argentine Style

Grilling takes skill; for some of us, it’s an art form! If you’ve been in charge of the grill at get-togethers with friends and family, you know grilling is not just throwing meat over the fire. That’s why sometimes you find yourself in front of a just-OK steak, and others facing a juicy, smokin’ piece of heaven. Grill masters in Argentina, or parrilleros, have perfected the art of cooking with fire after a long history of cattle raising in the open plains. Grilling has become part of Argentina’s cultural identity: This is the Asado, and for purists, it’s the only way to cook a perfect steak. How to Cook the Perfect Steak Asados are social events that revolve around the...

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Chimichurri, the Sauce You Didn’t Know You Needed.

Grilling, barbecuing, roasting and smoking, they’re more than cooking methods; for millions of people around the globe, they’re an essential part of their lifestyles.  Nothing compares to cooking with fire. It’s the preparation, the meat selection, friends and family coming over; grills bring people together. Once you hear the sizzling meat and you're overwhelmed by the enticing aromas of charred meat; once you pop open a good red wine or bring out a few cold beers, everything, for a moment, is just perfect.  There’s much to say about the art of grilling, but today we’re talking about an incredible out-door dining enhancer: chimichurri. The aromatic, oily sauce that has put Argentine asados up there with the best grilled meat on...

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